FAQ / Price

Do you deliver?

Although we prefer to hand deliver the puppies to you if close enough, we do make arrangements for delivery nationwide. We currently use a puppy nanny that can deliver your puppy nationwide. They will fly your puppy in the cabin with them for the safest and most comfortable experience. Our closest international airport is Spokane, WA. (GEG) We can meet you at the airport if you wish to fly in. You are always welcome to come to our facility in Sandpoint, ID as well.

What is the price?

service dogs (trained):

First is the purchase price of the type of puppy you want. Then additional training charges are as follows.

Service dog / Trained puppy – $4500 basic training in addition to the price of puppy (includes training and vaccinations)

$5000 eight weeks public work in addition to the price of the puppy and basic training. This would include obedience and socialization in a public setting, such as grocery stores, malls, doctors offices, restaurants, etc..

Puppies only (without additional training):

Bernedoodles – $3900 +

Labradoodles – $3900 +

Goldendoodles – $3900 +

Any breed (Tri-color + $1000, mini + $1000, Merle + $1000)

Why crossbreed?

There are many benefits to mixing different breeds aside from just looks.

The personality you get in a Labrador, Bernese, or a Golden retriever is great. When you mix these with the Poodle you get these same great personalities only without the extreme shedding.

Another benefit is health. Crossing these breeds with the genes of a poodle results in a dog with an increased lifespan. The more diverse genes that the puppy inherits will result in a stronger immune system and better physical and mental health.

All of these breeds rank among the most intelligent breeds of dogs. With their genetic mix you will be getting a highly intelligent and easily trainable dog. They are also extremely friendly and great with other animals or children.

Are deposits/ payments refundable? No. All payments are nonrefundable. Balance must be paid in full by 8 week birthdate. Payments delinquent past 10 days result in rehoming of puppy and forfeiture of all payments.

How quick do they learn?

They are very smart and capable of learning quickly. They are always eager to please you, making them very trainable.

Many “Doodle” breeds are used as service dogs. Our male Clyde also doubles as my husbands service dog. Out of each litter 1 to 5 pups

go as service or therapy dogs.

What is different about your dogs?

It starts from day one, the birth. We are hands on with this process, helping the mother through. Their statistics are recorded to ensure proper and healthy growth. Their feeding schedule comes next. This is important to ensure there are no runts in the litter. No chemical cleaners are ever used around the puppies. We use only therapeutic grade essential oils to clean. This protects their sensitive noses. Social interaction is needed to give your puppy a good start in behavior. These puppies are raised in the middle of the house. They are a part of everything and receive constant attention. This gives them a great head start to making an excellent family pet. Our 10 acre ranch provides the necessary space for plenty of exercise and a healthy environment.

What is their adult size?

Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are usually similar. Their weights can vary but the males tend to be around 60lbs to 80lbs and the females 40lbs to 60lbs. Bernedoodles however have a denser body frame. Their height is similar, their weight will be heavier ranging from 70 lbs. to 110 lbs for both males and females.

Can we visit the ranch?

Yes. We welcome visitors anytime. Please call first to schedule an appointment. The dogs and puppies love getting visitors