Training tips for your dog

We encourage positive training. No shock collars or discipline. We use the reward system with positive reinforcement and treats.


Start with the easy tasks. Sit is a good place to start. We like to use hand gestures along with voice commands. If you place a treat in your hand and make a fist, hold it just above his head so he looks up and then slowly move it back so the dogs head goes back and say sit. This should naturally have the puppy look up and back which should cause him to sit.

Laying down

Lying down is similar. With a treat in your hand, hold it while pointing to the ground while saying lay down. He may sit naturally, but hold your hand flat to the ground to get them to lay down. This one might take a little longer.

Stay and Come

First get them to sit. Then with an open hand show them your palm and say stay. Start with just a couple feet and go from there. Keep eye contact with them as you walk backwards. And then for come, say come in a high voice and reward with a treat.

We have several training videos if you would like to watch them to get some ideas. Training videos

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