Affordable Service Dogs and Trained Dogs


Anxiety is affecting everybody. Diseases are also rampant. Some may even have disabilities that may last forever. But we don’t have to deal with it by ourselves. Below you will find affordable furry assistants to help you. If you need assistance at home, with daily life, at work, or at school, these service dogs can help you. Please call with any questions.

Training involves sit, stay, come, down, walking politely on lead, walking politely off lead, potty trained, and polite home behavior without confinement. If there are specific needs you have please discuss those with us.

We start our training program at 8 weeks old. Our first program is 8 weeks which covers all the things mentioned above. For some that is enough, others go into our second training program which involves public outings. This is where your puppy will go to stores, restaurants, parks and downtown to learn how to behave in public settings as a service dog. We will build positive experiences with car rides, elevators, stairs, public restrooms, and polite reaction to people and other dogs.


Our unique training program allows you to still receive a puppy when we are complete. We do recommend you continue to reinforce there training. If you need further training instructions done in the future they are ready for your teaching or even a professional trainer.

Bolt (RESERVED) male, 4 months, bi-color, mini Bernedoodle in training, 4900+, call for current price

Charlie (RESERVED) Male, 4 months, bi-color, mini Bernedoodle in training, 4900+, call for current price


Mini bi-color Bernedoodle, Female, 11 weeks old, in training, $6900+ call for current price

Demi (RESERVED) $4900 + call for current price

Female, mini bi-Bernedoodle, 3 months, currently in training.

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