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ASSISTANCE: It doesn’t have to be expensive

Add confidence
Adding a service dog to your life will change it completely. Now you will have confidence going out in public whether it is school, work or shopping. You also add a family member and best friend. Why wait. Medication and therapy don’t always help. A fury assistant will help immediately. Assistance for adults and children. Call Now to speak to someone who can help.

Our unique training program allows you to still receive a puppy when we are complete. You may wish to continue to reinforce their training. Call for more information.


This is the logo for the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). If you click on it you will go to the ADA website that answers questions about service dogs. This is the only official website for service dogs.There are many misconceptions about Service Dogs. The truth can be found here and you can call them with any other questions as well.

(AVAILABLE) Bunny, Mini-Bernedoodle, Petite, Obedient, in basic training Extremely Loving $9400 (MORE PICS/VIDS)

(RESERVED) Oliver, Male, standard Bernedoodle, Very affectionate, Intelligent, in basic training $3900 + Training (MORE PICS)

(RESERVED) Benny, Male, Standard Bernedoodle, Sweet, Very Intelligent, In Basic Training $3900 + training (more pics)

(RESERVED) Cooper, male, mini-Bernedoodle, tri-colored, in basic training $5900 + Training (MORE PICS)

(RESERVED) Roxy, Mini-Bernedoodle, In training

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We only train a small number of our puppies at a time. Our puppies are extremely calm and super intelligent.

Call for more info.