labradoodle puppy

The Labradoodle typically acquires the friendliness and well-tempered nature of their parent breeds. Likewise, they are considered very intelligent and highly trainable. Like Labs, they are amazing family dogs and are both good with children and loyal. Like Poodles, they are very smart and can be protective of their people. They’re fun-loving, affectionate, athletic, graceful and highly active dogs. They generally make good watchdogs and therapy dogs and get along well with other animals. Unsurprisingly, considering their mix, Labradoodles love the water and can be exceptional swimmers.

Emerging breed standard and family dogs

These dogs have a breed standard and consistent looks and temperament. They are low shedding and many allergy and asthma sufferers find them suitable to live with. They are a wonderful family dog and adaptable to diverse circumstances. Another noticeable thing about the labradoodle is there ability to learn. They are very intelligent dogs and for that reason are used to learn a variety of commands including service dog abilities.

The Norwegian crown prince and princess own labradoodles

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