Double Doodle New Litter


They’re here! New litter born 3/4/21!

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(Lilly with her new pups)
Ever wonder what it’s like caring for a newborn litter? Here’s just a little glimpse into what we do.

If you would like to reserve a pick for a puppy from our current litter, you can contact Tanya at (208) 304-3814 to make your reservation.

What is a Double Doodle? A Double Doodle is a mix between a Labradoodle ( Lab and Poodle mix) and a Goldendoodle ( Golden Retriever and Poodle mix). They are sometimes called a “North American Retriever” or a “Golden Labradoodle”. Although these breeds are great as they are, crossbreeding them comes with even more advantages.

By mixing these breeds you get the strongest traits of each. You get to have the loving personality of the Labs and Goldens with great intelligence and drastically reduced shedding from the poodle, just to name a few.

Crossbred dogs also tend to be much healthier than purebreds. The greater variety of genes that a crossbred puppy inherits tends to result in a stronger immune system and better physical and mental health.

Double Doodles come in a variety of colors. We have had shades of brown, black, white, cream, gold, and puppies having a mix of those colors. You can see some examples by looking at pictures of past litters.

Overall this breed makes for happy, healthy, well-balanced dogs. They are perfect for any family.

Check out the Double Doodle’s Past Puppies page to see pictures of these adorable pups.

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