Our Puppies


This breed is known for its intelligence and loving disposition. They are so smart that they are often used for service dogs. Nearly half of our Labradoodles go as service, therapy or PTSD dogs. These dogs love children and families. These dogs love to go jogging or biking and enjoy being active. They also love to be part of the family. They love to go on family vacations. They are certainly family dogs. The females range in size from 35 – 55 lbs. The males are a little larger being 45-80 lbs.


A mix between a Labradoodle (Lab and Poodle mix) and a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle mix). They are sometimes called a “North American Retriever” or a “Golden Labradoodle”. They are great with children as well as other animals. Our Double Doodle parents are Lilly the Goldendoodle and Clyde the Labradoodle. (Click HERE to see them!) We have had shades of brown, black, white, cream, gold, and puppies having a mix of those colors. (See some of our past litters.)


This breed is a little different. They are about as close as you can get to a golden retriever but without the shedding. They love just hanging out with family. Relaxation is their goal in life. They don’t need much exercise but a block or two. But they can be conditioned to do heavy jogging and biking. Bernese Mountain dogs are not water dogs. But when you mix in the Lab they can go swimming with the best of water dogs. Their body is dense. Heavier than the others but not necessarily bigger. The average weight for males and females is 60-90+ lbs.