Affordable Service Dogs and Trained Dogs

RESERVED “Bailey” female, Standard Labradoodle, basic training complete, public training in progress, complete March 19th $9500+ call for current price

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We only train a small number of our puppies at a time. Our puppies are extremely calm and super intelligent.

Call for more info.


Tanya’s husband has MS. We have trained service dogs to help with his stability, anxiety and also choking episodes. Clyde is one of our service dogs and is also the stud for all of our litters. We highly recommend service dogs for the disabled or anyone needing a trained dog. We have sent many service dogs nationwide who have assisted many people. 

Please call to get the training you need. If you see a puppy available on our current litter page that you would like trained, please let us know as we should be able to accommodate you.

What is a prep service dog?

It is recommended that service dogs be trained alongside their owner. Both are trained together. So to prepare for this we train our puppies as much as we can before they go home. The benefits are that you still get a puppy (not an old dog) and he is ready to be trained further. The puppy training begins at 8 weeks of age. The Doodle is known for their intelligence and that is why they are widely sought after as service dogs. If it is for PTSD or anxiety you won’t need much more training. If you need further assistance you might want to seek a professional. The father of all our puppies is Clyde. What a great service dog he is. Clyde along with some of his puppies are known for being very intuitive to the needs of their owners. While on our ranch they will be trained to sit, stay, come, lay down, on and off leash trained, and potty trained. They will be sent to you a service vest, training leash and collar, and videos of each command. If you are a few years off from needing a service dog, it might be wise to get a trained puppy to prepare with. Perhaps you don’t need a service dog, you may still prefer to have a well trained puppy come to your home. Our pre-trained service dogs sell for $6500+ , but please call us to make sure we can customize your needs. You will be happy you didn’t pay the going rate of $10,000-$20,000 for a service dog. If you start with us, when they arrive you will have an affordable customized companion dog ready to work.

What should I expect from a service dog?

The sky’s the limit. It’s like having a intelligent friend helping you the whole time. Our previous purchasers of our puppies have outstanding stories of how their dog has sensed their needs and provided aid. See our referral page.

How do I know if it worked?

When training is complete you will be emailed commands and instructions on your dogs obedience training

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