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  • Doodle Babies

    Doodle Babies

    Two week old pups of Clyde and Keri are maturing nicely. Eyes are open and starting to focus. Holding their heads up, sitting and even trying some wobbly walking. Cute little growls and barks 💕 Teeth are starting to try to break so they want to gnaw on fingers or cold wash cloths. Read more

  • Why do dogs sleep by your feet?

    Why do dogs sleep by your feet?

    They love being close to youIt’s very simple. Dogs love to sleep with their herd and the more tight they are the better. If you take your dog home, give them a good life and a lot of love, they will consider you their family. Furthermore, they consider you the leader of the herd, so… Read more

  • Why a Doodle?

    Why a Doodle?

    Doodles seem to be the latest craze. But Why? First of all the Doodle is not a registered breed with the AKC so don’t look for papers. But that doesn’t stop the Doodle from being a very popular dog. When I say Doodle I mean anything crossed with a Poodle, i.e. Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Bernedoodle, Double… Read more