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  • Bathing your Doodle

    Bathing your Doodle

    Doodles love to get dirty and roll in smelly stuff. If this sounds like your doodle, he probably needs bathing between grooming appointments. Though labradoodles have a variety of coat types, they don’t require frequent baths, as dirt and mud will likely fall off his coat without a bath. Brush your labradoodle out before getting… Read more

  • Puppy mills?

    Puppy mills are large-scale commercial dog breeding operations where profit is placed above the well-being of animals. Bred without consideration of genetic quality, this produces generations of dogs with unchecked hereditary defects. Some puppy mill puppies are sold to pet shops and marketed as young as eight weeks of age. The lineage records of puppy… Read more

  • Purebred or mix?

    A mixed-breed puppy often has the advantage of having a much lower chance of being born with inherited congenital diseases, since the mating process naturally leaves out the defective genes. This is a general truism. There are many dog lovers who are devoted to mixed breed dogs. They feel that mixed breeds are much less… Read more

  • When should I spay or neuter?

    When should I spay or neuter?

    Most veterinarians in the United States recommend bitches and dogs be spayed or castrated between 6 and 9 months of age. This is not based in science; no one has performed a large-scale study in which bitches and dogs underwent gonadectomy at various ages and were tracked throughout life to determine what abnormalities developed relative… Read more

  • Prep service dog?

    In short, it is a puppy that is pre-trained to be a service dog. It is recommended that service dogs be trained alongside their owner. Both are trained together. So to prepare for this we train our puppies as much as we can before they go home. The benefits are that you still get a… Read more

  • Bad/Good breeder!

    Bad/Good breeder!

    You should be able to find out a lot about a breeder just by talking to them. Can you visit their facility? If they won’t let you come unless you buy a puppy or only when you pick up your puppy that is a red flag. A good breeder should allow visits at all times.… Read more