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  • The 8 vitality signs of a healthy, happy dog

    Some of you may have read this article recently published in USATODAY and written by Country Living. I felt it was good enough to re-publish. A new survey conducted by Iams has found that two thirds of Brits believe their pets are living longer, healthier and happier lives because of the love they show them. The findings confirm that… Read more

  • Question to ask a dog breeder before you buy

    Purchasing a puppy can be scary. After all you are bringing someone home to join your family. They could be part of your household for many years. It would be helpful to know some secrets dog breeders keep from you and questions you can ask to reveal the truth. What do you clean with? This… Read more

  • Should I buy a Goldendoodle or Labradoodle?

    The similarities in these dogs are the poodle. The differences are Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Goldens and Labs are very popular dogs. Often they go 1 and 2 in the countries most popular dogs. The reason is because they are very loving and loyal companions. Are they good with children? Either dog are great… Read more

  • Caring for new puppy

    Basic information on how to care for a new puppy. Read more

  • Labradoodle creator regret ???

    Labradoodle creator regret ???

    Perhaps you have read this article or seen it on the news lately. i’m certainly not going to claim that it is fake news however you have to think about what’s being discussed and what the regrets are. The creator was disgusted at puppy mills and those who do mass breedings just for profit. It… Read more

  • Dog food statistics

    You are probably like many people who ask many questions about dog food. We are going to try and answer some questions about that in this article. How much should I feed them This is sometimes based on your dogs breed, health and energy level. For example, one option is to “free feed”. That means… Read more