Prep service dog?

In short, it is a puppy that is pre-trained to be a service dog. It is recommended that service dogs be trained alongside their owner. Both are trained together. So to prepare for this we train our puppies as much as we can before they go home. The benefits are that you still get a puppy (not an old dog) and he is ready to be trained further. The puppy training begins at 6 weeks of age. The Doodle is known for their intelligence and that is why they are widely sought after as service dogs. If it is for PTSD or anxiety you won’t need much more training. If you need further assistance you might want to seek a professional.

Bad/Good breeder!

You should be able to find out a lot about a breeder just by talking to them. Can you visit their facility? If they won’t let you come unless you buy a puppy or only when you pick up your puppy that is a red flag. A good breeder should allow visits at all times. If they don’t they are either hiding something or they are not even there and have a separate job. If you get to go, look to make sure that the facility is clean and there is no chemicals around the puppies such as bleach or chlorine. You should get the feeling that the breeder is actually concerned and involved in raising the puppies. It’s not too difficult. Just talk to them and get to see the facility.

Doodle Babies

Two week old pups of Clyde and Keri are maturing nicely. Eyes are open and starting to focus. Holding their heads up, sitting and even trying some wobbly walking. Cute little growls and barks 💕 Teeth are starting to try to break so they want to gnaw on fingers or cold wash cloths.

Why do dogs sleep by your feet?

They love being close to you
It’s very simple. Dogs love to sleep with their herd and the more tight they are the better. If you take your dog home, give them a good life and a lot of love, they will consider you their family. Furthermore, they consider you the leader of the herd, so will seek to sleep the closest to you.
Dogs would be willing, as often as necessary, to show their loyalty and presence. Instinctively sleeping at our feet, for them, is a demonstration of mutual protection. They feel that you are caring for them and at the same time they are taking care of you, as if you are a team in a battle. This is a very common trend in dogs and is totally normal. What happens is that our dogs do not mind if they are in a quite uncomfortable position, as long as they are as close to you as possible.

Why a Doodle?

Doodles seem to be the latest craze. But Why? First of all the Doodle is not a registered breed with the AKC so don’t look for papers. But that doesn’t stop the Doodle from being a very popular dog. When I say Doodle I mean anything crossed with a Poodle, i.e. Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Bernedoodle, Double Doodle, etc. Well to start with, mix breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs. So mixing in a Poodle gives you a much healthier dog, for example, Bernese Mountain Dogs live around 8 years, but once you mix in Poodle they live to be about 16 years. Second, because of the Poodle they don’t shed and are hypoallergenic. That alone makes this a great dog. Third, intelligence. Notice how the circus always has a Poodle in it. That’s because they are smart and easy to train. That’s also why you see so many Doodle service dogs. Why not just buy a Poodle. Yuck! Who likes Poodle personalities. That’s why you want a Poodle mix.