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We have added many changes in the last year. We still have Doodles. Bernedoodle, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Doubledoodles. We have added beautiful Minis. Our newest family member is a tri-color mini poodle. This gives us many options to produce the perfect puppy.

We also have been moving along with our Trained / Prep-Service dogs. These are dogs ready to work. They have been trained to sit, stay, come, potty trained, down, walking on off politely, and good home behavior without being confined. We say Prep-Service dog because they are prepared to take on further teaching to do whatever you need. Don’t be mistaken though they are ready to work. Many of our dogs, especially Minis, go as PTSD dogs or emotional support dogs. The larger dogs can be used for this as well. They can also be used for stability and other tasks.

Please frequent our website as we continually update it with our many changes.

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