At Sandpoint Doodles we pride ourselves on the quality of puppies we have raised over the years. This starts with the parents of the puppies, chosen for their calm, friendly, and intelligent personalities, as well as their health. They are our beloved family pets and live in our homes, enjoying their carefree lives in rural Idaho. The puppies we raise get the same start to life, growing up in the center of our homes with constant love and attention. We spare no effort in giving our pups everything they need from the moment they are born until they go to their forever home. These efforts result in a well-rounded and confident puppy, the perfect fit for any family. With this strong start, many of our puppies go on to be service or therapy dogs. (To learn more about this visit our Service Dog page.) But whether you are looking for an adorable assistant, or a lovable family dog, you can find your perfect fit at Sandpoint Doodles!