Sandpoint Doodles

… for over 27 years.

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Just watching the video above will give you just an idea of the time, love, and attention that we put into each and every dog and puppy on our ranch. Tanya, the Owner, along with a trainer and her four adult children spend all day every day making sure these are the best puppies and dogs for your family. This is what we do. Nobody works outside the home. With 10 beautiful acres at our disposal we play, train and love these puppies like no one else can.

At Sandpoint Doodles we pride ourselves on the unique dog/ puppy we have delivered for many years. This is unique because you can find this breed of dog elsewhere but you’ll never find one with this temperament. The dogs we have chosen to breed with are extremely calm, intelligent and healthy. These elite dogs are combined with our approach to delivery and raising beautiful puppies. We are fully involved from the moment they are born until they go to your home. We interact, care for, and train puppies all day every day. With 7 handlers on the ranch these puppies get the best start to life. For this reason they are able to learn just about anything. Over 50% of our puppies go on to be service or therapy dogs. Because they are extremely calm and intelligent they begin their training at just 8 weeks of age. To learn more visit our Service Dog page. If you have decided to train your own dog you will find this to be enjoyable with a Sandpoint Doodle.